Manage your bus stations with ease and precision using Ticpoi. Our comprehensive Station Management features allow you to customize and control every aspect of your stations. Here's what you can do:

Station Details

  • Add and edit detailed information for each station, including:Station Name
  • Full Address (City, Province, Country, Postal Code)
  • Geolocation (Latitude, Longitude)
  • Timezone
  • Detailed Location Description

Station Characteristics

  • Define the station's type (Bus Station, Pickup/Dropoff Location, etc.)
  • Categorize stops (e.g., Regular Station, Airport)
  • Enable or disable stations as needed

Operational Settings

  • Set Tax % for origins
  • Configure connection allowances and waiting times
  • Specify pickup and dropoff permissions
  • Enable parcel services (pickup/delivery)

Favorites and Notifications

  • Mark stations as system-level favorites
  • Customize notification texts for customers

Visual Guides

  • Upload images for:Street View
  • Map Location
  • Ticket Booking Page Backgrounds (Desktop & Mobile)

Pricing and Distances

  • Manage distances between stations in kilometers
  • Set station-level pricing for comprehensive fare management

Our mobile-friendly interface ensures that all these features are easily accessible and manageable on the go, providing you with the flexibility to manage your stations efficiently, no matter where you are.

Make the most of Ticpoi's Station Management to streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and optimize your bus service network.